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My name is Harry Blok, I'm married to Anet, and we live in Heemskerk, The Netherlands. We have been breeding Abyssinians on a limited scale since 1981, Ruddies and Cinnamons only. Currently we are owned by 2 Ruddies, see "Our Cats" link above.

Apart from the every day enjoyment of our Abys my main hobby is collecting Abyssinian and Somali pedigrees as well as books, articles and photographs.
As an example you will find the links to three very interesting booklets about the early Abyssinians. The first - The Abyssinian Cat - was written by H.C. Brooke in 1929. The second - Child of the Gods - was written by Sidney Denham in 1951. While the third - Journey from the Blue Nile - was written by Aida Bartleman-Zanetti in 1962 and reprinted in 1966 and 1969. The version included here is the second edition, while also the photos from the third edition have been included.
Furthermore, I'm certain you will find the "Drawings" link very interesting. The sketches were made by Greetje James-Dijkmans (van Tefnoet Abyssinians).
In case you would like to view historical Abyssinian photos and pedigrees, please follow the "Historical Abys" link.
Following the "Interview" link, you find an interview I had with Mrs Maria Falkena-Röhrle (van Mariëndaal Abyssinians) in 1986.
The "links" page contains about 500 links to e.g. breeders pages and clubs

In case you have questions or comments you can contact me at: Harry_Blok@compuserve.com

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